28 May

2- 3 Ways To Increase Website Load Speed

Everybody is now well aware that Google is taking website load speed very seriously indeed, it has incorporated those metrics into its algorithms. Therefore, webmasters and owners alike need to take the necessary steps to ensure that their website is literally up to speed. No pun intended, but really it had to be expected. Google takes speed very seriously, after all, it still must return quality results to appease its searchers. If you work hard with all your SEO positioning and get ranked high, but yet every web surfer clicks away from your website after a few seconds, then Google starts to suspect something. Perhaps Google begins to assume that your keywords may not be a good match if people don’t stay on your website long enough. With the advent of mobile, website load speed plays an even more crucial role.

Tips to increase your website load speed;

Optimize Your Database

Most websites utilize databases for storing information. It doesn’t matter if you have a state of the art e-commerce store, standard blog, or thriving news site, any type of dynamic functionality like internal search practically means that you are utilizing a database. It’s important to understand how your database impacts your website’s page speed.

By adding an index, you can take full advantage of one of the most effective methods to optimize your database for faster load speeds. Performing this function assists your database to retrieve information quicker. Instead of scanning through millions of records, your database can now utilize an index to narrow down the data to a specified few hundred. This in turn leads to faster load speeds.


Ditch Your Tracking Codes, Video Embeds & Share Buttons

There’s no need to use so many different analytics programs. While tracking codes are vital for analyzing user behavior onsite, marketers need to review each analytics program and determine which ones are the best performing. You will find that most are average at best. You can narrow it down to just a few analytics that are critical and most influential to keep an eye on. When in doubt, keep it simple. Every time you add yet another tracking code to your website, it slows it down. It behooves you greatly to be mindful of all your website’s necessary functionalities that may affect load speed.

Furthermore, restrict using the rather popular video embeds. Why you ask? Video is a terrific method to build target market engagement and create a better user experience; unfortunately, most video embeds (including YouTube) use iFrames to display the video.   iFrames put a serious drag on page load times because they are essentially causing you to load a whole separate page within your main page.

Also, restrict the number of share buttons on each page. This helps to prioritize the marketing benefits rather than the negative impact to page speed. Be aware that too many videos or share buttons on a page can seriously impact website loading speed. It’s good strategy to implement tracking codes, embed videos, and include share buttons, but be very picky.


Use Caching When possible.

When you land on a website for the very first time, your browser tries to request all the images, text, scripts, etc. from the website’s server. They are maintained in your browser’s cache so that when you visit other pages on the site, it’s only necessary to download the parts of it that are unique. For example, the site’s logo will probably be the same on every page, so that is an image the browser can load from its cache quickly. Therefore, use caching whenever available to increase website load speed.

03 Apr

Designing The Perfect Website – Quick Tips…

Are you an entrepreneur with a small business or rather a small home based business? Well what you need is a website. Not just any website, but a website that suits you quite well. A website that is user friendly but yet serves the purpose of relaying information to the final users of the website. Very powerful websites can be built without one going through the trouble of coding. Three very cool platforms would be of significance to building that perfect website without much trouble. They are, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Content Management Systems. The good thing with all these platforms is that they are are open source, or rather, free to use.



This is the easiest and most popular platform to use worldwide. This is because installation of this site cannot take more than half an hour when installing manually. It is also free to install and it normally comes with very many free plug-ins and themes. WordPress also has a premium option which is usually paid for so as to get more themes and more plug-ins for use by the consumers.

With very many people using WordPress, there several websites that offer free support to other WordPress users whenever they encounter any problems while using this platform. This ensures that every WordPress user is happy at all times and his work goes on according to schedule.

The only two disadvantages that WordPress has is that it requires large server resources whenever the site grows large. It is also very difficult to change the framework.


After WordPress, this is the second most popular Content Management System. It is the most technically advanced of the three. It also has as better performance as compared to WordPress since the pages load faster and has faster response times.

The software for Drupal is also free to download and install. One however needs to have a web hosting so as to run the site since using Drupal does not have an option of Drupal servers. A domain name is also necessary but would cost one some money.

Being the most powerful, one has to have some knowledge on HTML, PHP among other web programming languages.


This type of Content Management System is very powerful and combines the benefits of WordPress and Drupal. It does not require a very big technical know how. It does not offer a lot of plug-ins and themes and hence it is easy to customize it the way you desire.

Joomla performs very well with social networking. It is actually the easiest in setting up social networks and this can be very important for many sites. Joomla also has a very good help portal for technical support and any queries. This support is usually cheaper than that for Drupal. Also with Joomla, one is able to set up an online store, since it is faster and easier.

In summary, WordPress is very good for beginners and small websites. Joomla is very good for e-commerce websites but requires a bit of coding. Drupal involves a bit more of coding and thus very difficult option but then it is the most powerful Content Management System. They are all very good systems depending on the type of work that they are meant to do. Make a choice today!

10 Mar

What is Google Sniper?

If you have looked into ways in which to make money online then it is likely that you have stumbled across Google Sniper. This system is one of the most popular around at the moment, and in some people’s opinion it is for a very good reason too. On this page I want to take a little look at what Google Sniper is and how it may potentially benefit you.


Google Sniper, at its heart at least, is a system which will allow you to create small, highly targeted websites, which will climb quickly to the top of the search engines. This will of course result in a rather steady stream of targeted traffic which could make you a rather sizeable amount of cash. The main benefit of Google Sniper, and one of the reasons as to why so many people opt to use this system, is down to the fact that once you have your site set up (normally three pages), there is not a whole lot that really needs to be done in order to maintain it. I will discuss a little bit more about that soon though.

Google Sniper starts by requesting that you find a couple of affiliate programs that you wish to make money from. Whilst Google Sniper does state that you should choose them from ClickBank you can feasibly make-do with just about any affiliate program out there.

The next step of the program involves putting together your websites. As I mentioned previously; these websites are going to be highly targeted. You will normally aim for just one or two keywords. The idea is that you try to optimize your page as much as you possibly can for those keywords. This should hopefully see you climb up the search engine result pages with little to no effort. The optimization techniques highlighted in the Google Sniper program are designed to ensure that your site will climb the rankings with the minimal amount of effort. In fact; the program is so optimized that it is highly unlikely that you will have do much, if any, in the way of link building. This means that you could really set up a site, sit back, and then relax hoping to bring in a rather sizeable amount of cash.

One of the brilliant things about the Google Sniper program is the fact that it instructs you on how to get those people who land on your website into ‘paying’ customers. This means it will teach you to convert about 5% of the people who land on your site (for anybody who is not well-versed in the world of conversions, this is a huge amount with some large sites barely able to hit 1-2%). For some niches you will even be told the exact words that you need to write in order to get people to buy. In short; if you use this program correctly, and I have no doubt that you will, you could end up making a decent amount of cash.

In the end Google Sniper has produced enormous results for people looking to get started online. They offer an affordable complete step-by-step process on the following elements…

  • Introduction
  • Keyword Research
  • Designing
  • Writing content
  • Promoting

If you think about these elements they are important to successful setup a website and build momentum quickly. Another great thing about the Google Sniper system is they are continuously updating their system. They have released “3” versions with all of them being very successful. If you do a quick search in Google you’ll be able to find enormous resources reviewing the complete system and its perks. You’ll even find some case studies showing the results people have achieved over the last several months.


Wrapping It Up…

If your looking for a way to streamline your niche blogging than the Google Sniper is definitely a product you should check out. I don’t write too many reviews however I’ve used their system to build 2-3 websites and the results have been amazing. The system is very easy to follow and always being updated. They have awesome support as well.

27 Feb

Which Links Should You Disavow?

In the past the more links that you had pointing to your website, the more chance you had of climbing up the search engine ranking page. Back when the search engine spiders were not all that sophisticated you would find that any link would do. It could be from any site in the world, sometimes not even related to the content of your website, and you would be fine. It was all about the quantity. As you can probably guess though; this is not a good method. After all; anybody out there could spam links. This would lead to incredibly poor content at the top of the searches. This is why the search engines needed to make changes. Nowadays you can receive a penalty in the rankings if you are linked to by far too many sites not related to your niche. This basically means that you will find it difficult to climb ‘up’. Thankfully Google has developed a tool, known as the disavow tool, which will allow you to instruct Google to ‘ignore’ certain links which point to your website (you can access this tool through Google Webmaster Tools). On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about what type of links you should be disavowing through that nifty little tool.


There is one rule related to links that you should disavow. The only toxic links are those which are not related to the content of your website. For example; if you run a website that sells power tools then it is not ideal to have a website that talks about learning Swedish pointing towards you. It makes absolutely no sense. In the eyes of Google, and the other search engines for that matter, this indicates link spam. Absolutely nobody likes link spam. The only websites that should be pointing towards your site are those which have some sort of relevancy to the content that you post. You should also disavow any links which come from link farms. As you may well know; link farms are vast collections of links often put together with the sole purpose of boosting a site’s position in the search engines. These link farms are quite often not categorized and are simply just a huge page with tons of links on them.

It is important to remember that you should never use the disavow tool without getting in touch with the webmaster of the site that hosts your link first. This is not only common courtesy but it is something which Google actively advises people to think about. You should give the webmaster about a week to respond to you before you decide to use the disavow tool.

Remember; you should regularly check your link profile to ensure that there are no toxic links pointing towards your website. If there are; make sure that you run them through the disavow tool as quickly as possible (after getting in touch with the webmaster in question of course)


Here something to apply to your next profile check…

When you are in Google Webmaster Tools, head over to links pointing to your site and then proceed to skim through each of them. I suggest writing down the URL’s that don’t seem credible and performing your own manual checks. I usually looking for the following when searching individual link profiles…

All of these will indicate that the blog is either growing or decreasing in popularity. For example, when looking over domain and page authority, it’s important to focus on number above 25+. Anything lower means that they have not built their reputation over the years and a link from these sites can harm your rankings. Next,

Here is something else…

I just recently read that you should pay close attention to these specific types of links…

  • Natural
  • Unnatural
  • Spam domains

By now you should be able to differentiate between all of them and should focus on natural links from a website with unique high quality content. If a site does not meet these requirements than you should delete it from your link profile.

27 Jan

How To Market Your Blog


Alright; so you have a blog. Brilliant! However; as I am sure you have discovered by now; owning a blog is not a case of ‘build and they will come’. If you want tons of viewers on your blog then you are going to need to put in a little bit of work. On this page I want to walk you through a variety of different methods for marketing your blog. Do be aware that this is not a complete list. It is however a good start for those new to the world of internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization needs to be right at the top of the list. I don’t care what niche you operate in, I don’t care how popular your blog is, the majority of your traffic will come from the search engines (i.e. Google). It is important that you start the SEO process as soon as possible after starting your blog. There are plenty of guides out there on SEO, and there is a lot of information to cover, so I won’t dive into the nuances on this page. For now; all you need to know is that SEO is all about climbing up the search engines as quickly as possible! You want to be ranked for keywords in your niche. This is a fantastic way to send targeted people towards your site.

Social Media is also another of those ‘must-dos’ for your blog. I have not seen a successful blog without a social media site in a while. Social Media, this means sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are all about the sharing of content. You post something to your followers and ‘likes’ and there is a good chance it will be shared around the site. This means your content will reach people who would never have otherwise have heard about your site.

During the early stages of owning a blog I really do suggest you start to guest post for sites in your niche. This basically means that you will be producing a piece of unique and original content for other sites. The benefit of doing this is that you get targeted viewers on your site, a nice link for SEO purposes, and a quick boost to your online reputation in a particular niche!

You should also engage in PPC advertising, particularly why you are waiting for your SEO campaign to build up traction (or if you wish to target slightly more competitive words in the search engines). Do make sure you read a good guide on PPC though. I have seen plenty of people throw away a ton of cash without really researching and they have received absolutely zero in terms of value.

Finally; set up an email marketing list. You want people to sign up to this list when they land on your website. This will allow you to keep in touch with them. This should hopefully result in you being seeing as ‘reputable’ and they will subsequently come back to read more of your posts in the future!

In the end, it’s important you try different things because some will work better than others. What has worked very well in the past is to try “1” strategy at a time and have a way to track results. You have several FREE tools available like Google Analytics that can do the trick. After 30-60 days, it’s time to go check the statistics to find out which strategy performed the best. You can then tweak it going forward until you get optimal results.

20 Jan

Link Building Strategies for 2015

In the year 2015, everyone wants to build new links and make their small business larger than what really it is. In 2014, the updates of many recognized software’s had focused on many low-quality links that was used a lot or famous a lot. In order to make more and more people view the site so one has to have good content at the same time. Pillar content is one of those strategies which would allow bagging a lot of links in their bags. When people or the audience are curious to know about something then they always dig into deep more and more for knowing more and more facts. This happens best to those people who have newly started with a new blog of their own and this tactic will help them to attract more and more viewers or readers.

Upgrade Viewership or Links

One can even make good use of the press contacts in order to gain viewership though it is not very successful and generally the Journalists claim their authority over it. In order to leave a good impression on the readers it is better if the companies or people put up a tab stating information about the person or the company in detail. It leaves a mark on a reputed person or company. If the links are broken in some form or the other than one can use any software from innumerable software’s or checkers, in order to build the links and show it as one’s own link. Even this effort from the person or the blogger would give a lot of invites from the viewers of other sites which are very well-known.

Informative For Viewers to Read

If you are a blogger and want to attract links then consider writing content which provides substance to your readers. If one wants to make their links interesting and want to add-on a lot of known personalities in one’s list, then they can surely add the famous one-liners or their saying in their links attached to it. Many viewers view one’s profile for this reason and make a good use out of it and come back for more and more which in turn builds the viewership rate of the links. Everybody likes challenges and entertainment in their lives in some form or the other.

Awesome Content = Links

Ask questions which will lead to better content being written by you. Once you answer those questions, it will increase user engagement and can lead to natural links being formed by your visitors.  One always wonders whether their sites can also be harmed also or not by the use of those links which would be used for increasing the earning of links. But there is absolutely no need for the viewers to worry about anything because all the links are safe taken from the eminent sites. The bloggers can rely on the links as much as on anything else they trust since they are all tried and tested by the checkers so one can feel absolutely safe about these links.

Wrapping It Up…

With link building you have to be careful as things are constantly changing. Link building has been the focus of bloggers since the beginning which is both positive and negative. Negative in the sense that people are finding creative ways to manipulate the ranks however positive that Google knows this. Google continues to tweak their search engine to give preference to those people who work hard and create awesome content. This lead to authority links from others blogs which increase your overall rankings within the SERP’s.

It is recommended you keep a close eye on the changing trends within link building and make adjustments accordingly.

Useful Resources

04 Jan

What I learned After 7 Years of Blogging

It’s no secret that experience can teach you a lot and this experience can be used to teach others within the industry. When you have 7 years of experience you can teach people a lot of things which is why I decided to start my own blog and write about my experience. I made it a point to remember some of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years and have written them on a piece of paper. The funny thing is that some of the lessons are not magic and can be applied easily to any blogging niche. The main objective is to make sure you apply them right away so you can start taking advantage of the conversions which each one brings. Let’s get started…

Here are my top 5 lessons I’ve learn from blogging in 7 years…

Create High Quality Content

One major lesson I learned is your better off cutting down the time spent publishing content so that you only publish the best content on your blog. Google has mentioned several times that they will be giving higher rankings to those websites which publish the best content. The secret is to take your time and research every topic you are publishing so that it’s the best piece of content online. You can even research your competition and find ways to make similar content better by adding images, videos, tutorials and infographics.

Add Email Form

To increase the amount of visitors coming back to your website it’s important to start collecting email subscribers right away. These subscribers are great for loyalty and can be high return traffic which not only promote your content but engage with it. Your better off having 100 loyal readers then you are 5,000 one-time visitors. It’s very easy to add opt-in forms to your blog as it can be done through simple plug-ins in almost every blogging platform. Next,

Email service providers offer a complete package which is important because no coding is required and simple copy and paste of a code.

Social Media is Important

People always use to tell me the power of social media, but I was too lazy to add social buttons and share content online. Once I started getting a following I realized that sharing content is very important. Imagine sharing content to people on your profile who in turn have thousands of active followers? This can generate enormous traffic back to your website which is important for brand awareness. How can you add social share buttons?

Install a simple plug-in to your backend and configure it to include the top networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This process can be setup in less then 15 minutes.


No one can go at it alone and I’m surprised that I didn’t listen to people when they said I should network with some of the top bloggers. This help get my brand out much quicker and I was able to ask them for feedback when I needed it. I was also able to contact them when I was posting some influential blogger posts on my blog which added credibility to my blog. They even shared the interview once it was published. I would recommend that everyone content pioneers within the industry and utilize the power of their name and brand.

Never Give Up

This should have been number 1 however I decided to add it last because the rest is very easy to implement. Your going to want to give up several times during your blogging career and those that carry on are the ones which will succeed overtime. It’s a competitive profession with each niche having a handful of leaders however you’ll only be able to get recognition if you continue to push forward. No one has made it over night and you need to keep that in mind. Be passionate about what you do and try hard to help people and you’ll have no problem doing well in the industry.

15 Dec

Tips To Create Content Quickly For Your Blog

When blogging it’s important you have an abundance of content available when you need it. It can sometimes be tough to manually write content everyday so you need a way to streamline the entire process. It’s awesome to know that you have many tools & software available which will help you streamline the content creation for your blog. Many people require content for link building and use various methods to generate this content. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep things unique, high quality and fresh. If you can master all “3” metrics then creating content for your website will not be difficult at all. With that said, let’s look at some awesome and creative ways to create content quickly and efficiently.

Here are my top 4 content creation strategies which have been proven to be very effective.

Spread It Out

One of the best ways to create content is by spreading it out over several days. Many times people stop writing content because it’s tough for them to create content all in one day. Not to mention, it’s hard for people to write 500-600 words per day because it can get tedious and tiring. I’ve noticed that if I can write 300 words per day and spread it out over “3” days I can crank out 900 word content which is unique and high quality.

This strategy has worked well and I still use it today when I write content because it helps me stay on track and not get tired from writing content. As you start to get tired you’ll notice the quality of your content begins to suffer which can have a dramatic effect on your user retention rate.

Hire a Freelancer

These days it’s so easy and accessible to hire someone to get the work done for you. The internet has allowed people to connect all over the world which is why work can be transferred very easily to someone across the world. Freelancer websites are popping up every which is making it easier for you to get work done for you in a fraction of the price it would have cost you somewhere else. Simply do a search online to find websites which are credible and get started.

The two most popular are: Freelance.com and Elance.com


People are always looking for ways to streamline the process of creating content which is why software like Magic Submitter has done very well over the years. This software allowed you to write content quickly and spin other content into something unique. However, Google has been cracking down on this type of software because many people fail to utilize correctly and create content already published somewhere else. Remember,

This software is only good if you know how to use it so it’s important to view the tutorials and take your time with learning the entire process.

Search Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging can be very effective if utilized the right way. This strategy is different than that of hiring writers because with guest blogging you are allowing experienced people to write for your blog and offering “1-2” links within the content to help the blogger out. In most cases, these bloggers will add a link to their personal blog hoping to generate traffic. The point is that this strategy can be very useful in generating unique high quality content for others point of few.

Guest blogging has been utilized by many top bloggers in the industry and has allowed them to do very well over the years. It’s a solid way to drive targeted traffic and build brand recognition.

Wrapping it up…

You have to remember that Google has put a huge emphasis on high quality content so no matter method you use, it’s important that quality always be your number 1 priority. Use all these methods with caution and don’t rush through creating content. You are better publishing less content each month and putting greater emphasis on quality.

05 Nov

Increasing Email Opt In Rates

Email marketing is huge and you can generate enormous returning traffic by setting up proper email campaigns. Once you have a solid list building strategy in place, you can start to send a series of auto-responders which will keep your subscribers up to date about the content being published on your blog. However, sending emails is one thing and getting people to read is another. Many times you’ll send an email campaign and many of your subscribers will not pay attention to your emails furthermore not opening them. It’s important that you use open rate strategies to ensure that people who are subscribers actually read your emails clicking through to your website.

Let’s look at some solid email strategies that will increase your open rates dramatically.

1) Send Time

One of the most important factors which will determine your open rates is the time your sending your email messages. Many times it’s better to send during evening when people have come home from work and are using some time to check personal emails and browsing on the internet. For example, if you send emails during work hours, many people will often send them to trash or are occupied with work related emails. That’s why it’s important to send during times they will be checking personal emails. Statistically, it’s been proven that sending emails during 8PM-12AM have better open rates because people will have dinner, watch TV and check emails before going to bed. If you have been sending during the day, try sending them in the evening keeping track of your open and conversion rates. Test different times until you find one which performs the best.

2) Send Day

It’s important to send emails on specific days when people will most likely read and engage with them. Statistically, it’s been proven that sending between Tuesday-Thursday have the highest open rates because people are able to pay more attention to these emails. Weekends are the worst days to send out emails as people are often not home or at work so messages don’t get checked and get piled on top. Even Monday has been proven to be a poor day to send out emails because people return to work and will quickly go through their inbox cleaning out anything which looks like SPAM, etc.

3) Personalization

One of the best ways to increase email open rates is by personalizing the messages when sending to recipients. It has been proven to build a level of comfort which adds a personal touch to each email when you send them out. When creating follow-up messages, it will be a good idea to add first & last time to the subject line. We have for years responded well to being identified by personal name which applies to email messages too.

We are also very good at responding to questions which is why many people would often ask a question within the subject line after the recipient name. When asking a question, keep them short and right to the point with no more then 10-15 characters.

4) Send Best Content

It’s always a good idea to send these users the best content on your website. You have to remember that people joined your newsletter because they were happy with the content they read. Make sure you keep the quality flowing in the same direction so that they get value from every email follow-up sent to their inbox. If your not writing high quality content each time, it’s important to make sure you do since the new Google update emphasis “high” quality content. Next, if you have a hard time finding recent quality content then you can skim through previous content sending them older but quality content.