06 Aug

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content


When writing content knowing what NOT to do can push you in the right direction. For example, many people will write about things that add no value to the content and doing it long enough can push you off track. You have to keep the reader in mind so that when they are skimming through your content it creates engagement and leads to the end goal (conversions, share, email opt in, etc.).

Advertise and Sell

Content marketing is not an “in your face“ sales pitch so be careful not to make your objective selling a product. It`s important when writing content that you provide value and uniqueness so that the visitors learns something when they exit. You`ll be surprised how many times I`ve left a website because I feel like the whole content is one `BIG` sales pitch. I don`t like hidden messages within content and try hard to find blogs that provide value at NO cost. You have to remember there are enormous resources available online and top bloggers are giving away value for free. You need to stand out so stop selling and provide high quality solutions for free.


You`d be surprised how often people appreciate value and will start following your blog. At this point once you`ve built readership you can start recommending products and services to them.

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