23 Aug

5 Key Elements To Consider Before Starting Online

Starting online can be very tough for anyone especially if you are very new to online marketing, etc. However, things have changed rapidly which is now allowing you to have everything setup and ready to go within minutes. Many people can setup a website in less than 4 minutes, install a theme and have content published within an hour. However, when you are setting up an online business, it’s important that you know what elements matter and what you can avoid when starting out. There is so much contradicting information available online that you don’t want to waste your time on things that don’t matter because competition is high so if you waste time, you’ll be left behind. Over the years blogging, I’ve learned a lot and would like to give you my top 5 most important elements to consider when you are first starting off online.

Let’s get started

An Idea

You need to know what you are trying to accomplish online which means that you need to have a plan so you can follow through. Before you’re able to setup a website, you need to make sure you know what to base your website around so you can cater it to that type of audience. Many times you just need to focus on something you are passionate about because that will keep pushing you in the right direction even in the beginning when things can be very tough. If you need some ideas, you can simply see what’s trending online by visiting some of the larger social media networks looking for things that interest you. However, my word of advice is to stick to things you know and love because being passionate about something is motivation alone during tough times.


No matter what you’re trying to achieve online, you’ll get nowhere without having a website of your own. With a website, it’s much easier for you to build a brand and then continue to grow it without having to rely on anyone else. I’ve seen so many people start off without a website and when things get tough, they don’t have anything they can hold on to. This is why I’ve always encouraged people to get started with a website then optimize and grow it from there. However, I keep getting a question from some of the new people within the industry: How can we build a website when we have no experience?  Earlier I had mentioned that technology has allowed people to setup websites within minutes. You know have WordPress which will have you up and running within 4 minutes or less. Once you’ve installed WordPress, simply add a theme, few plug-ins and your ready to go. I’ve put together a solid tutorial where I show you how to build a website from scratch within minutes even installing a theme, logo, plug-ins, etc.


Before writing content, you need to know who your relevant audience is because you can adjust your content to answer their questions. If you have an idea of what type of people will be interested within your content, you can cater to them making your content more enticing. It’s very simple to find out who your audience is especially when you are passionate about the topic. For example, simply look at the type of person you are and what type of content you are looking for related to your niche. Here’s another trick, you can visit some of your competitors within the same industry and see what type of people are visiting there content. Browse over their social share profile or even use tools like Alexa which is more than willing to provide you information on those visiting like their geographic location, age, gender, keywords and profession. This will give you a good idea of the type of people who most likely will love your content.


It’s time to start crunching out some serious content which is both enticing and of high quality. Remember that the internet is full of content both high and low quality so you need to make sure you stand out. Put effort into what you are writing about keeping your content anywhere from 1,200-1,500 words which will give you enough room to add what you need to. This number is not embedded in stone so if you need to add more words than go for it. Make sure you cover the topic in full because people searching online are looking for a solution and they should be able to find it on your website.

Here’s a tip…

If you have competitors that have identical content, visit their website looking for things they are missing making notes on the side. After when writing your content, add the stuff that you didn’t find within their content because it will make you stand out more. If they don’t have videos, images, infographics or even surveys than add them to your content. This strategy will help you get the upper edge against your competition.


I know that marketing can be expensive especially for those which are on a budget however recently we have many forms of FREE marketing methods that work well. Setup a few social media accounts because it can attract targeted people to your content when shared. Next, jump on a few niche related forums and help people in your industry. The cool thing is you can add a signature to your forum posts which links back to your content. If you help out enough people, you’ll build a pretty solid reputation and audience. Finally, from my experience, there is nothing like writing high quality content because Google loves it and gives preference to those that provide it. You’ll be surprised how fast you can rank by simply publishing the best content online for your readers. You’ll get indexed right away and even begin to rank pretty high for specific keywords just because you provide some of the hottest resources online for those keywords.

06 Aug

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content


When writing content knowing what NOT to do can push you in the right direction. For example, many people will write about things that add no value to the content and doing it long enough can push you off track. You have to keep the reader in mind so that when they are skimming through your content it creates engagement and leads to the end goal (conversions, share, email opt in, etc.).

Advertise and Sell

Content marketing is not an “in your face“ sales pitch so be careful not to make your objective selling a product. It`s important when writing content that you provide value and uniqueness so that the visitors learns something when they exit. You`ll be surprised how many times I`ve left a website because I feel like the whole content is one `BIG` sales pitch. I don`t like hidden messages within content and try hard to find blogs that provide value at NO cost. You have to remember there are enormous resources available online and top bloggers are giving away value for free. You need to stand out so stop selling and provide high quality solutions for free.


You`d be surprised how often people appreciate value and will start following your blog. At this point once you`ve built readership you can start recommending products and services to them.

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