20 Jan

Link Building Strategies for 2015

In the year 2015, everyone wants to build new links and make their small business larger than what really it is. In 2014, the updates of many recognized software’s had focused on many low-quality links that was used a lot or famous a lot. In order to make more and more people view the site so one has to have good content at the same time. Pillar content is one of those strategies which would allow bagging a lot of links in their bags. When people or the audience are curious to know about something then they always dig into deep more and more for knowing more and more facts. This happens best to those people who have newly started with a new blog of their own and this tactic will help them to attract more and more viewers or readers.

Upgrade Viewership or Links

One can even make good use of the press contacts in order to gain viewership though it is not very successful and generally the Journalists claim their authority over it. In order to leave a good impression on the readers it is better if the companies or people put up a tab stating information about the person or the company in detail. It leaves a mark on a reputed person or company. If the links are broken in some form or the other than one can use any software from innumerable software’s or checkers, in order to build the links and show it as one’s own link. Even this effort from the person or the blogger would give a lot of invites from the viewers of other sites which are very well-known.

Informative For Viewers to Read

If you are a blogger and want to attract links then consider writing content which provides substance to your readers. If one wants to make their links interesting and want to add-on a lot of known personalities in one’s list, then they can surely add the famous one-liners or their saying in their links attached to it. Many viewers view one’s profile for this reason and make a good use out of it and come back for more and more which in turn builds the viewership rate of the links. Everybody likes challenges and entertainment in their lives in some form or the other.

Awesome Content = Links

Ask questions which will lead to better content being written by you. Once you answer those questions, it will increase user engagement and can lead to natural links being formed by your visitors.  One always wonders whether their sites can also be harmed also or not by the use of those links which would be used for increasing the earning of links. But there is absolutely no need for the viewers to worry about anything because all the links are safe taken from the eminent sites. The bloggers can rely on the links as much as on anything else they trust since they are all tried and tested by the checkers so one can feel absolutely safe about these links.

Wrapping It Up…

With link building you have to be careful as things are constantly changing. Link building has been the focus of bloggers since the beginning which is both positive and negative. Negative in the sense that people are finding creative ways to manipulate the ranks however positive that Google knows this. Google continues to tweak their search engine to give preference to those people who work hard and create awesome content. This lead to authority links from others blogs which increase your overall rankings within the SERP’s.

It is recommended you keep a close eye on the changing trends within link building and make adjustments accordingly.

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04 Jan

What I learned After 7 Years of Blogging

It’s no secret that experience can teach you a lot and this experience can be used to teach others within the industry. When you have 7 years of experience you can teach people a lot of things which is why I decided to start my own blog and write about my experience. I made it a point to remember some of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years and have written them on a piece of paper. The funny thing is that some of the lessons are not magic and can be applied easily to any blogging niche. The main objective is to make sure you apply them right away so you can start taking advantage of the conversions which each one brings. Let’s get started…

Here are my top 5 lessons I’ve learn from blogging in 7 years…

Create High Quality Content

One major lesson I learned is your better off cutting down the time spent publishing content so that you only publish the best content on your blog. Google has mentioned several times that they will be giving higher rankings to those websites which publish the best content. The secret is to take your time and research every topic you are publishing so that it’s the best piece of content online. You can even research your competition and find ways to make similar content better by adding images, videos, tutorials and infographics.

Add Email Form

To increase the amount of visitors coming back to your website it’s important to start collecting email subscribers right away. These subscribers are great for loyalty and can be high return traffic which not only promote your content but engage with it. Your better off having 100 loyal readers then you are 5,000 one-time visitors. It’s very easy to add opt-in forms to your blog as it can be done through simple plug-ins in almost every blogging platform. Next,

Email service providers offer a complete package which is important because no coding is required and simple copy and paste of a code.

Social Media is Important

People always use to tell me the power of social media, but I was too lazy to add social buttons and share content online. Once I started getting a following I realized that sharing content is very important. Imagine sharing content to people on your profile who in turn have thousands of active followers? This can generate enormous traffic back to your website which is important for brand awareness. How can you add social share buttons?

Install a simple plug-in to your backend and configure it to include the top networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This process can be setup in less then 15 minutes.


No one can go at it alone and I’m surprised that I didn’t listen to people when they said I should network with some of the top bloggers. This help get my brand out much quicker and I was able to ask them for feedback when I needed it. I was also able to contact them when I was posting some influential blogger posts on my blog which added credibility to my blog. They even shared the interview once it was published. I would recommend that everyone content pioneers within the industry and utilize the power of their name and brand.

Never Give Up

This should have been number 1 however I decided to add it last because the rest is very easy to implement. Your going to want to give up several times during your blogging career and those that carry on are the ones which will succeed overtime. It’s a competitive profession with each niche having a handful of leaders however you’ll only be able to get recognition if you continue to push forward. No one has made it over night and you need to keep that in mind. Be passionate about what you do and try hard to help people and you’ll have no problem doing well in the industry.

15 Dec

Tips To Create Content Quickly For Your Blog

When blogging it’s important you have an abundance of content available when you need it. It can sometimes be tough to manually write content everyday so you need a way to streamline the entire process. It’s awesome to know that you have many tools & software available which will help you streamline the content creation for your blog. Many people require content for link building and use various methods to generate this content. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep things unique, high quality and fresh. If you can master all “3” metrics then creating content for your website will not be difficult at all. With that said, let’s look at some awesome and creative ways to create content quickly and efficiently.

Here are my top 4 content creation strategies which have been proven to be very effective.

Spread It Out

One of the best ways to create content is by spreading it out over several days. Many times people stop writing content because it’s tough for them to create content all in one day. Not to mention, it’s hard for people to write 500-600 words per day because it can get tedious and tiring. I’ve noticed that if I can write 300 words per day and spread it out over “3” days I can crank out 900 word content which is unique and high quality.

This strategy has worked well and I still use it today when I write content because it helps me stay on track and not get tired from writing content. As you start to get tired you’ll notice the quality of your content begins to suffer which can have a dramatic effect on your user retention rate.

Hire a Freelancer

These days it’s so easy and accessible to hire someone to get the work done for you. The internet has allowed people to connect all over the world which is why work can be transferred very easily to someone across the world. Freelancer websites are popping up every which is making it easier for you to get work done for you in a fraction of the price it would have cost you somewhere else. Simply do a search online to find websites which are credible and get started.

The two most popular are: Freelance.com and Elance.com


People are always looking for ways to streamline the process of creating content which is why software like Magic Submitter has done very well over the years. This software allowed you to write content quickly and spin other content into something unique. However, Google has been cracking down on this type of software because many people fail to utilize correctly and create content already published somewhere else. Remember,

This software is only good if you know how to use it so it’s important to view the tutorials and take your time with learning the entire process.

Search Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging can be very effective if utilized the right way. This strategy is different than that of hiring writers because with guest blogging you are allowing experienced people to write for your blog and offering “1-2” links within the content to help the blogger out. In most cases, these bloggers will add a link to their personal blog hoping to generate traffic. The point is that this strategy can be very useful in generating unique high quality content for others point of few.

Guest blogging has been utilized by many top bloggers in the industry and has allowed them to do very well over the years. It’s a solid way to drive targeted traffic and build brand recognition.

Wrapping it up…

You have to remember that Google has put a huge emphasis on high quality content so no matter method you use, it’s important that quality always be your number 1 priority. Use all these methods with caution and don’t rush through creating content. You are better publishing less content each month and putting greater emphasis on quality.

05 Nov

Increasing Email Opt In Rates

Email marketing is huge and you can generate enormous returning traffic by setting up proper email campaigns. Once you have a solid list building strategy in place, you can start to send a series of auto-responders which will keep your subscribers up to date about the content being published on your blog. However, sending emails is one thing and getting people to read is another. Many times you’ll send an email campaign and many of your subscribers will not pay attention to your emails furthermore not opening them. It’s important that you use open rate strategies to ensure that people who are subscribers actually read your emails clicking through to your website.

Let’s look at some solid email strategies that will increase your open rates dramatically.

1) Send Time

One of the most important factors which will determine your open rates is the time your sending your email messages. Many times it’s better to send during evening when people have come home from work and are using some time to check personal emails and browsing on the internet. For example, if you send emails during work hours, many people will often send them to trash or are occupied with work related emails. That’s why it’s important to send during times they will be checking personal emails. Statistically, it’s been proven that sending emails during 8PM-12AM have better open rates because people will have dinner, watch TV and check emails before going to bed. If you have been sending during the day, try sending them in the evening keeping track of your open and conversion rates. Test different times until you find one which performs the best.

2) Send Day

It’s important to send emails on specific days when people will most likely read and engage with them. Statistically, it’s been proven that sending between Tuesday-Thursday have the highest open rates because people are able to pay more attention to these emails. Weekends are the worst days to send out emails as people are often not home or at work so messages don’t get checked and get piled on top. Even Monday has been proven to be a poor day to send out emails because people return to work and will quickly go through their inbox cleaning out anything which looks like SPAM, etc.

3) Personalization

One of the best ways to increase email open rates is by personalizing the messages when sending to recipients. It has been proven to build a level of comfort which adds a personal touch to each email when you send them out. When creating follow-up messages, it will be a good idea to add first & last time to the subject line. We have for years responded well to being identified by personal name which applies to email messages too.

We are also very good at responding to questions which is why many people would often ask a question within the subject line after the recipient name. When asking a question, keep them short and right to the point with no more then 10-15 characters.

4) Send Best Content

It’s always a good idea to send these users the best content on your website. You have to remember that people joined your newsletter because they were happy with the content they read. Make sure you keep the quality flowing in the same direction so that they get value from every email follow-up sent to their inbox. If your not writing high quality content each time, it’s important to make sure you do since the new Google update emphasis “high” quality content. Next, if you have a hard time finding recent quality content then you can skim through previous content sending them older but quality content.

18 Oct

Productive Writing Skills

It’s important to make sure that you are constantly producing new content for your readers, so they know you’re blog is active. Many times you’ll get tired of constantly producing content which can delay your content writing process. This can even effect your user engagement so it’s important to be active at all times. Over the years, I have been consulting many bloggers on how to write content constantly and consistently adding to the overall growth of their blog. It important to note that adding content to your blog several times a month is a great sign to Google. It will get your blog indexed more quickly and have you ranking for keywords within the SERP’s. The important thing to focus on is creating “high” quality content which is going to be the backbone of search engines for years to come especially after the recent Google updates.

Here are some important productive writing skills which you can apply to your daily blogging schedule.

Create a Schedule

People often say that creating a schedule is motivation alone because you have taken a proactive role into doing something. It’s time for you to figure out the best writing time for you and how often you are looking to write for the week. For example, if you are creative during the morning and have loads of energy then it might be a good idea to start writing down your ideas during the morning. Next, you can even figure out how often you would like new content to be posted on your blog. It’s a good idea, depending, on your blog to produce 1-2 pieces per week however keep it at a minimum of 4 high quality content posts per month.

Once, you have sorted out a content schedule then you can proceed to the next strategy which will help you focus on creative ideas.

Write Down Ideas

People get inspiration at different times so it’ll be a good idea that you keep a paper and pen with you. You never know when you might have a writing idea and it will be a good idea to instantly write it down. I know as a blogger, that when I’m out interacting with people, I’ll have random ideas which pop into my mind with some of them being awesome content for my blog. Many people have different thinking patterns so be sure to be ready to write them down right away.

Once you have written down some awesome content ideas, you can log into the backend of your blog and create “new posts” so they are saved there just in case you lose the paper list. Next, you can even set a publish date next to each one so you know when a new blog post is set to be published. Every time you log in, it can very motivational to see you have a bunch of awesome ideas ready to be produced and published over the next several weeks.

Break It Down

Many times people get tired of writing 2000+ words because it can be overwhelming so it’s important to make sure you stay focused. A great way to stay on track is to breakdown your content writing so that you are writing high quality content over 2-3 days. It will be much easier to produce 500-600 words per day compared to producing 2000+ words daily. This way you don’t get tired writing and don’t become anxious. For example, when I first started writing, I had focused enormously on “high” quality content and this meant writing long in-depth content before publishing. However, I was in a hurry to produce so it tired me out writing so much in “1” attempt. However,

I read a few blogs that taught me an awesome strategy which I am applying today. I figured that I would like to post 1 high quality blog post per week so decided to write 500 words per day. This meant after 4-5 days, I would have written 2500 words which is awesome and would cover most of my topic. It’s a great way to stay focused and write content which resonates with my readers.

Create an Outline

Sometimes the delay in your writing happens because you don’t have a clear cut writing plan. If you can create an outline of what you need to write about it can take the pressure away from writing content and streamline the entire approach. This means that you can create content much quicker and be organized in your thoughts. Start by coming up with a topic idea then writing down the sub-headings you’ll like to cover. You can even write down a word count next to each so that you know the target word count you are looking to complete. However,

Many people will find that FREE writing from the topic of their heads will be better for them but if you like to have an organized plan then start by creating a complete outline of your writing with an introduction, body and conclusion.

For a better resource on creating content outlines, please view How To Create A Blog Outline

Ask For Help

I can’t count the number of people I have met you are working like a team producing unique content which creates a buzz online. If you are working at producing content, you can ask for help from someone you is also an avid blogger. What does this do?

This cuts down the amount of time you will need to invest per day writing content which can take enormous stress off your mind. If you are trying to produce 2-3 awesome blog posts per week for your blog then this strategy can work very well at punching out words and content at a steady but sufficient rate. The key is to find someone to work with who understands your writing style and can work at the same rate you would like them to so that you can stay active.

30 Sep

5 Simple Tips That Can Increase Your Traffic in A Few Days

No matter what type of blog content you are writing, it’s important that you focus on generating traffic so that you can build user engagement almost immediately. Without the necessary user engagement, you can rest assure that it will take you a very long time to build a “targeted” audience. Another important point to keep in mind is that you’ll have enormous amounts of competition in almost every niche so be sure to check what you’re competition is writing about so you can product something better and attract more visitors. With that said…

It’s important that no matter what content writing approach you take, you make it a point to create the best content ever by including a few things that will resonate well with your readers. After doing some research, I’ve narrowed it down to these “5” factors that will make an enormous difference once implemented within your content.

Let’s get started…

Personal Touch

When writing content, it’s a good idea to create a personal bond with the reader so that they feel as though you are coaching them. It’s very simple to accomplish this since you can simply add “you” and “I” to your content to create that one-on-one effect. Why is this so useful?

We are in a time that people are often looking for solutions through a personal coaching strategy. When you include words that create that bond these people are more likely to come back and visit your blog more often. When they come back several times, it creates awesome user engagement in the form of social shares and promotion. Imagine you read a blog which provides awesome content you are mostly likely going to keep visiting this blog and will recommend it to those who have the same problems as you online. The main focus should be to keep the reader engaged as long as possible since this would often lead to greater conversions within your content.

Use Sub-Headings

Using sub-headings can streamline the reading process for your visitors because they can skim to the section they find relevant. Many times the people who are visiting your website are experienced within the niche but have arrived looking for specific information. Instead of them having to read though 2000+ words, it’ll be a good idea to have everything organized so they can skim to the section they need to read through.

Another thing…

There are millions of resources available online so readers have an option to choose which ones to read. Much of their decision will come with the fact that they can locate the information they need to quickly. If they can find it and review it, they can decide to stay on leave. It’s important to provide them with the best information and in the quickest among of time. Using sub-headings can streamline this task and actually create conversions within your content by visitors clicking interlinked content allowing them to read other interesting posts you have published.

Headline Eye-Catching

You can increase the amount of people who click your content from within the SERP’s or directly through your blog by simply creating eye-catching headlines. Headlines are what create curiosity, suspense and a promise to your readers that they’ll find the information they are looking for within your content. It’s important to include words within your headline that people are actually typing into the search field because you’re relating your content to the search phrase.

In the end, you’re job should be to create a buzz through your headline so that you get the click-through and NOT your competitor. Remember, you’ll have competition and the only way to beat them online is to entice the reader to click-through to your content and not your competitors.

There are numerous resources available online that will showcase the power of headlines. When reading through them you can learn a lot and even some awesome strategies which will help you tweak your headlines going forward.

Include Images

One of the best ways to convey a message is by adding images to your content because it’s a visual way to get the message across. This is why infographics are becoming more popular because within an image you can compare and contrast certain points very easily. Not to mention, it’s a quick way to understand the message that the content is trying to portray. Many people often don’t include images within their content and when writing something which is 2000+, it’s can be overwhelming for the reader.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when using images…

  • First make sure they are relevant to your content and help get the point across
  • Keep them to a maximum of 2 images and of decent size
  • Images should be an add-on to your content and NOT substitute unless an info-graphic

Another thing to keep in mind is that images must be placed in the right place. From my experience placing them next to the point which is being represented will make it most optimized. If you are implementing an info-graphic, it should be towards the end.

Don’t Forget The SEO

In the end of the day, content must still be written to be SEO friendly because search engines need to be able to distinguish between different pieces of content. For example, what will distinguish you from your competition and much of it will do with what you add into your title, URL and description. Don’t forget to add just the right amount of keywords within your content so you can give indexing spiders the necessary tools to get good insight into your content nature. Sometimes bolding, underlining and using italic within your content can definitely help.

If you’re using WordPress to build your website, you’ll have several tools available which will assist you with you’re on-page efforts. Be sure to use them because they will help streamline the on-page aspect on your content creating so you can focus on creating engaging content.

Wrapping It Up…

In the end, there are many more factors which matter when creating compelling content and you can view the 37 simple content tweaks and implement them right away. Start by using a few looking to see what changes you notice within your engagement. Stick with the ones which show promise and you have an easy time working into your content.

12 Sep

Blogger v WordPress: Which Is The Best Platform For Your Blog?

When starting a website, you have many options to consider which can both be good and bad for you. For example, with too many options comes the ability to get confused because you won’t know which is the right platform to choose and it’ll be hard for you to find which one will provide you with an all-in-one solution to get things done. In the world of online marketing, you have 2 very strong options when trying to create a website which can have you up and running within minutes. First, you have WordPress which is an easy to install platform and with the thousands of customized plug-ins, it pretty much streamlines the entire process for you. Next, you have blogger.com which is an online blogging platform built to give you a one-click approach to web design. They both have their positive and negative aspects so it’s really about preference in the end of the day. Let’s look at some of the features of both platform and how one outperforms the other in online web design.


Blogger is a platform which is offered by Google and once you log into your Gmail account, you’ll be able to get a blog going within minutes. If you want to use a custom domain, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version which will have a small fee each month. WordPress takes a few more steps to get up and running starting with the webhosting you’ll need to purchase. The good news is that once you have purchased a domain and web hosting, you can install WordPress with a click of a mouse. Simply, select the domain from the drop down menu, add a username and password then simply click install. Within minutes, you have WordPress installed on your domain and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick video I put together to showing you how to build a website from scratch in under 4 minutes.

However, if we are comparing just straight installation, then blogger wins because with Blogger there is no installation required at all.


We all know that web design is about looking good and those websites which are attractive to visitors will often have lower bounce rates and higher retention times. You have the ability to customize both Blogger and WordPress however with Blogger you have very few options making it hard for you to get the look you are trying to portray. WordPress has thousands of FREE themes that you can install to your backend. These themes have been created by some of the most talented developers in the world and they are very easy to incorporate. If you need to make a few tweaks after, it’ll be no problem because you have access to all the files including the CSS which you can customize.

In the end, the winner is obviously WordPress because of the amount of options you have within the themes menu and the ability to customize each one.


When creating a website, you have a purpose or plan in mind and are trying to achieve something very specific. Many people who are getting involved within the online marketing realm have no programming experience so find it difficult to customize a website they are building. With Blogger you have very limited options to build a customized website which performs a specific way because there no plug-ins that you can install. WordPress has been awesome because they are many different types of plug-ins which are available for free. For example, if you are setting up an ecommerce website, you can simply install a plug-in and it’ll turn your website into a shopping cart. Next, if you want to take payment, install the payment plug-ins and configure the payment options the way you like too. The whole WordPress interface is very simple to use which is why many people have shifted to using it.

Some of the most popular plug-ins which people integrate are All-In-SEO which will streamline the optimization process. Google Sitemap which will easily create a sitemap of all your pages so that your website will be indexed quickly by Google and this helps everyone trying to get noticed within the SERP’s. For those of you looking to start a SEO campaign targeted around keywords, you’ll want to install a solid keyword density tool and WordPress has several in its arsenal of plugins.

When it comes to plug-ins, WordPress is again the clear winner because it makes things very simple to customize.


No one wants to use a platform which is confusing and very easy to understand because it just takes way from the objective. You are obviously using Blogger or WordPress to gain from the simplistic side of things and it makes your life much easier, right? However, it’s important you understand how each one stands when it comes to interface and if it is truly simply to use. Blogger is very easy to use because you simply log into Gmail and then browse to the URL and click “Add” new blog. You just start blogging from there and can publish content almost immediately. However, what happens when you need to customize and is that a very simply process? The answer is that I am not sure because you are missing some of the very cool options that allow you to streamline the development process.

What about WordPress?

Amazing! Once you log into the backend, everything is organized and very simple to skim through. Whatever you need to do has its own menu and sub-menu so just click and view, it’s really that simple. Many people love the interface because it’s very clean cut especially when you have so many options available to customize your website. You would think with so many options, you’ll have a hard time finding many of the features but WordPress has made things so simplistic. It’s no wonder that WordPress has an interface that rocks and many people use it because of its simplicity.

When it comes to interface, WordPress is the clear winner and continues to improve the backend interface continually.

Wrapping it Up

We looked over some of the important features of both Blogger and WordPress skimming through elements that really matter when designing a website. From what we can conclude above, WordPress is the definite winner because it outweighs Blogger in many of the important categories. If you are getting started with online marketing and are looking for a platform that offers you a clean interface, themes, customizable plug-ins and much more then WordPress will be the ultimate blogging platform for anyone.

09 Sep

The Importance of LSI Keywords

It’s amazing how much the web is changing in recent years and much of it has to do with how Google optimizes its web results. For example, Google has found very strategic ways to organize information making it accessible by someone simply typing in a search word. Google has been able to learn a lot about the way people interact with the web especially when peoples search preferences are becoming more targeted. For example, people are beginning to use LSI keywords within their search queries and this means that Google needs to start tweaking the way they display information. They have done very well so far because with targeted LSI keywords, search engines are able to provide related information to the searcher. This works out great because you’re getting a lot of information available to you when you simply type a simple keyword. Many people are still left in the dark about what latent semantic keywords are so we’ll take a quicker look into these related terms.


First, latent semantic keywords are words which are typed in by people within search bar during their initial in-query. They are a bunch of keywords which are closely related and mean the same thing to search engines. How do they help? The answer is very simple; they help Google determine what information someone is looking for and help’s Google narrow down the search results. Google has encouraged people to use LSI keywords within their content so they can index the content more effectively allowing them to provide more strategic results. Search engines are all about providing the users with the best experience so encouraging the use of LSI keywords will help provide this experience to all those using Google as a search tool.

Finding LSI Keywords

Many times people will be wondering how to find the right LSI keywords to place into their content and you’ll be surprised how many resources are available to you. First, simply use Google search bar to generate loads of exciting latent semantic keywords which can be done when you start to type in a word into the search bar. For example, when you type in a phrase into Google, you’ll see an automatic box pop-up which will provide you with several more related terms.

Next, once you’ve performed your search, you can find many related keywords by simply scrolling to the bottom of the SERP page. Google does a great job listing “related” keywords towards the bottom of the page so that searchers can find the material they are looking for by scrolling to the bottom. In the next section, we’ll go over some awesome plug-ins available to you which can help streamline the entire search process.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has provided several cool plug-ins which help people find the best keywords to add into their content. What these plug-ins have been configured to do is take the time consuming research process out of every equation. This helps because you can simply highlight and replace the words that you don’t feel represent your content well enough. For example, the Seopressor plug-in for WordPress has been able to streamline the entire process. Once you install it into your websites back end, you’re pretty much ready to automate the entire process. The interface opens while you type content so all you need to do is highlight and replace.

Seopressor has received several reviews from people who have installed it in their backend and were able to streamline the entire process. Next, it is very cost effective for everyone looking to incorporate some LSI keywords into their content easily and effectively.

Keyword Density

There has been much debate about keyword density and what should be the percentage within your content. Many of the top bloggers would encourage people to have around 2%-4% density which is perfect for those that have written 1000-1500 words within their content. The things to keep in mind are:

Don’t overdo it with the keywords because it’s an easy way for Google to think you are spamming your content. Once you’ve been removed from the SERP’s, it’s very hard to get back on there.

Make sure you choose the right keywords because the point of having related keywords is to index your content much better and increase the relevance. However, it’s important to make sure you choose the right keywords or LSI keywords will have no effect on your content if you have added just random words. If you have setup your website using WordPress than you have several plug-ins which can help streamline the entire process as mentioned previously.

Choose keywords which have traffic but are not that competitive because in the end of the day, you are trying to generate traffic through related phrases so it’s important to do your research. Google keyword Planner is a solid tool which is FREE that can provide you with the volume trends and competitive information which you can use to your advantage. Find the keywords that work well with your content and which can provide you leverage in the future by generating traffic to your website.

Wrapping It Up…

Above we discussed the importance of adding LSI keywords within your content so going forward plan ahead and get some ready to add into your content. Keep the keyword density in mind because you do not want to fall into the category of “keyword” stuffing because it’ll have an effect on your content and it’s placement within the search engines.

Don’t be shy in using some of the free tools which are available to you because this will help streamline the entire process of getting the content ready for publishing.

23 Aug

5 Key Elements To Consider Before Starting Online

Starting online can be very tough for anyone especially if you are very new to online marketing, etc. However, things have changed rapidly which is now allowing you to have everything setup and ready to go within minutes. Many people can setup a website in less than 4 minutes, install a theme and have content published within an hour. However, when you are setting up an online business, it’s important that you know what elements matter and what you can avoid when starting out. There is so much contradicting information available online that you don’t want to waste your time on things that don’t matter because competition is high so if you waste time, you’ll be left behind. Over the years blogging, I’ve learned a lot and would like to give you my top 5 most important elements to consider when you are first starting off online.

Let’s get started

An Idea

You need to know what you are trying to accomplish online which means that you need to have a plan so you can follow through. Before you’re able to setup a website, you need to make sure you know what to base your website around so you can cater it to that type of audience. Many times you just need to focus on something you are passionate about because that will keep pushing you in the right direction even in the beginning when things can be very tough. If you need some ideas, you can simply see what’s trending online by visiting some of the larger social media networks looking for things that interest you. However, my word of advice is to stick to things you know and love because being passionate about something is motivation alone during tough times.


No matter what you’re trying to achieve online, you’ll get nowhere without having a website of your own. With a website, it’s much easier for you to build a brand and then continue to grow it without having to rely on anyone else. I’ve seen so many people start off without a website and when things get tough, they don’t have anything they can hold on to. This is why I’ve always encouraged people to get started with a website then optimize and grow it from there. However, I keep getting a question from some of the new people within the industry: How can we build a website when we have no experience?  Earlier I had mentioned that technology has allowed people to setup websites within minutes. You know have WordPress which will have you up and running within 4 minutes or less. Once you’ve installed WordPress, simply add a theme, few plug-ins and your ready to go. I’ve put together a solid tutorial where I show you how to build a website from scratch within minutes even installing a theme, logo, plug-ins, etc.


Before writing content, you need to know who your relevant audience is because you can adjust your content to answer their questions. If you have an idea of what type of people will be interested within your content, you can cater to them making your content more enticing. It’s very simple to find out who your audience is especially when you are passionate about the topic. For example, simply look at the type of person you are and what type of content you are looking for related to your niche. Here’s another trick, you can visit some of your competitors within the same industry and see what type of people are visiting there content. Browse over their social share profile or even use tools like Alexa which is more than willing to provide you information on those visiting like their geographic location, age, gender, keywords and profession. This will give you a good idea of the type of people who most likely will love your content.


It’s time to start crunching out some serious content which is both enticing and of high quality. Remember that the internet is full of content both high and low quality so you need to make sure you stand out. Put effort into what you are writing about keeping your content anywhere from 1,200-1,500 words which will give you enough room to add what you need to. This number is not embedded in stone so if you need to add more words than go for it. Make sure you cover the topic in full because people searching online are looking for a solution and they should be able to find it on your website.

Here’s a tip…

If you have competitors that have identical content, visit their website looking for things they are missing making notes on the side. After when writing your content, add the stuff that you didn’t find within their content because it will make you stand out more. If they don’t have videos, images, infographics or even surveys than add them to your content. This strategy will help you get the upper edge against your competition.


I know that marketing can be expensive especially for those which are on a budget however recently we have many forms of FREE marketing methods that work well. Setup a few social media accounts because it can attract targeted people to your content when shared. Next, jump on a few niche related forums and help people in your industry. The cool thing is you can add a signature to your forum posts which links back to your content. If you help out enough people, you’ll build a pretty solid reputation and audience. Finally, from my experience, there is nothing like writing high quality content because Google loves it and gives preference to those that provide it. You’ll be surprised how fast you can rank by simply publishing the best content online for your readers. You’ll get indexed right away and even begin to rank pretty high for specific keywords just because you provide some of the hottest resources online for those keywords.